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Carpet Cleaning and Much More!


Ultimate Cleaning Systems has been family owned, and operated for over 40 years, the last 17 of them being in the Alamance County, North Carolina area. Our fair, and honest pricing, vast knowledge of the industry, and access to the best carpet cleaning technology make us the right choice for anyone looking to have their carpets cleaned, commercial or residential!

Carpet on Wooden Floor


How do we clean carpet? 

We offer a variety of different methods depending on each customers wants, and needs. This includes hot water extraction, encapsulation cleaning, and on some occasions both.

How long does it take the carpet to dry? 

Although our equipment extracts the water there will always be some left behind, as completely dry cleaning methods are not as effective.

With hot water extraction carpet cleaning you can expect it to be dry within 8 hours of completion of our service. Depending on the type of carpet, how dirty it is, airflow in the location, and other variables it may take longer or shorter.

With encapsulation carpet cleaning you can expect much less time to dry, with average times ranging 2-3 hours. Depending on the variables it may take more or less.

What stains will be removed, and what will be left behind?

We at Ultimate Cleaning Systems strive to leave your carpet as clean as possible, you can expect someone with 5 or more years 0f experience on location. We can remove most ordinary stains from any type of carpet, but some stains will be exceptions. If there are any stains we cannot remove our guys will let you know before they leave, and explain the complications.


Can we remove red stains?

We can remove most red stains. The process can require extra time, and different steps that we will explain on sight. 


How much is our service? 

We price each job on a few factors including type of cleaning, what we are cleaning, how far your location is, and how much square footage we clean. Our minimum is $90.00, and we can give over the phone estimates with the right information. Please provide an estimated square footage over the phone for the most accurate estimate.

Can we remove pet odor?

We at Ultimate Cleaning Systems do our best to remove pet odors. In minor cases it will be removed from normal cleaning, and in some cases it may require an additional deodorizing. We will do everything we can to remove the odor, but if the odor is in padding or flooring underneath, you may need to replace the padding. We do provide an Ozone service that can be requested.

What is Ozone Odor Removal, and how does it work?

Our ozone odor removal machine is a small machine we place inside a given area, and leave running for a given amount of time. It will replace the oxygen in the area with an ozone layer, and remove most odors. It does require no one to be there as it can be dangerous to breath for too long. Call for more inquiries on ozone as it can be a big help if  the odor is not just in the carpet.

Are your methods safe for pets to be on, and are they safe for young children?

Everything we use at Ultimate Cleaning Systems on a normal job is 100% safe. On very rare occasions we may ask to use something stronger that could be tough to the touch before it dries. It is very rare for us to do this, and we will always converse with the customer before doing so. 



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